Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kim Jones soon to be Mrs Rosales 16/01/2014 5:20PM KLIA

EchoMsia with Kim Jones

Kak Shima, Kimmy, Yana & Friends

 Kim Jones on the phone with Kak Shima and just arrived at KLIA

 Kak Shima & Kim Jones

Kim Jones leaving the airport and direct to the hotel to suprised Jericho Rosales

#Photo by EchoMalaysia FC

Fans with Jericho Rosales (Representative of Echotiners) Kak Dilla & Kak Faiz they bring Syrian Cuisine and Brooch for Echo and Kim. 16/01/2014

Jericho Rosales with Echotiners 

 Kak Dilla, Jericho Rosales & Kak Faizah

 Echo signed Kak Faiz "Change" CD

 Echo laughing, when they said congratulation of his engagement, and Echo said how did you guys know about boracay? hehe Kak Faiz said we are your true stalker Echo.

#Photo by Kak Dilla & Kak Faiz from Echotiners

Thanks Echo for making they dream come true and thanks for your time even it just 10 mins, but smile with tear joy for them. Maraming salamat to ya Echo and all the Global Station production for let them meet Echo and give some gift as they represent they own Echotiners FC. 

Stay Tuned! More updates about Echo in Malaysia.
Brought to you by #Echo Malaysia FC

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

EchoMsia sending korean food and a cute gift to Jericho Rosales on the set last sunday 12/01/2014 5:30PM

Group Photo EchoMsia with Echo and Tita Inez (Echo Manager)

 Kak Shima, Tita Inez, Farah Diana, Kak Nikee

 Jericho Rosales holding "SWNW" poster

 The EchoMsia ladies with Tita Marinez (Echo Manager)

 Meet all the EchoMsia Ladies with our dearest Mr. Pogi Jericho Rosales

 Jericho Rosales surfing trademark & EchoMsia Ladies

 The cutest smile from Jericho Rosales

 Sorry the photo too blur, because he doesn't like when people take his photo while eating. He said "i will look so ugly when i eat. hehehe"

#Photo by Team Echo Malaysia 

2 Fact about Jericho Rosales :
- He don't eat spicy food
- He love Korean Food

Thank You Jericho Rosales & Tita Marinez, also Global Station Production for the time, even it just a limited time, But we've enjoyed every moment we with him. Mahal Kita Echo!!! Hanggang sa muli, makikita ulit. Whos know in PHILIPPNES? hehe 

Instagram : @echomsia

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meet Chef Fredo all the way from Philippines.

Jericho Rosales as Chef Fredo

#REPOST from #Instagram

The Arrival of the MR.POGI!! Jericho Rosales at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Welcome BACK!! Jericho Rosales. We malaysian miss you so much. He will be here in KL only for 10 days, starting from January, 9 - January, 19 2014. The main reason he coming back to malaysia is to complete his shooting/taping for his new tv series that will be showing at the mid of 2014 called "CHEF" on channel Mustika HD 134. Tv series with 60 episode cast by of coz our dearest Jericho Rosales as "Chef Fredo" also Mr. Aaron Aziz and the leading lady inside is Ms. Tiz Zaqyah. For all malaysian fans, fyi is there no meet and greet with him while he in malaysia for shooting. Stay tuned with us Team Echo Malaysia will update everything inside out of this shooting oke.. Don't forget to "FOLLOW" us on twitter and our Instagram you can grab and view Echo photo that has been upload by us. 

Photo from EchoMsia Ladies.

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Comedian Movies Casting by Jericho Rosales & Andi Eigeman

ABNKKBSNPLAko?!! The_Movie

New SOAP! Jericho Rosales, Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador & JC De Vera "The Legal Wife"

2014 has just started and there’s already so much going on. To kick off the year, I’m starring in a brand new TV drama on ABS-CBN together with Angel LocsinMaja SalvadorJC De Vera: The Legal Wife. It’s showing this month, so stay tuned to ABS-CBN Primetime Bida to catch it. Here’s the trailer:

Some few photo while shoot for this movies:

#Photo is not belong to us. We only share it.. :)

Jericho Rosales will be at KL, Malaysia for 10 Days shooting with Astro Production also with Aaron Aziz & Tiz Zaqyah.

EchoMsia!!! Miss him? Check it out he will come to msia again. I just check his instagram he just brought his new taylor guitar and he name it "jack". Jack will join him in malaysia soon. Can't wait!!

Jericho Rosales with few director for #Chef drama that will be start they're shooting this month 

#this photo taken while in manila